Being that our mulch is a direct derivate from wood, without chemical alterations, it’s an environmentally friendly product that provides multiple benefits in garden maintenance.

Among the benefits we highlight are the following:

It has the advantage of being very permeable, which facilitates the passage of air and water to the plant roots. It maintains humidity in the summer time so there are no problems due to the hot season.

Constitutes a protective layer that minimizes water evaporation from the soil, saving in the consumption of additional water in the summer time. Also, this is convenient for gardens because it regulates the drastic temperature changes and contribute, in this way, to avoid the stress of the plants.

Reduce soil erosion avoiding the loss of nutrients. Also, it avoids soil compaction, increasing ventilation and plants in good health.

The mulch mitigates the appearance of “bad weeds”, therefore your garden will stay clean for a longer time.

As time goes by, in its natural decomposing process, by being mulch made out of wooden chips, it converts into organic material that contributes in improving the quality of the soil with the nutritive elements that derive from it and increases soil humus.

This material is an excellent “food” source for the organisms found in the soil and provides adequate conditions for their growth.

As it is presented in a variety of colors, designs can be made and add beauty to the natural landscape.