Mulching is one of the most desired actions to maintain your gardens in good health. This is a relatively simple technique that consists of applying a layer of the organic material over the soil, in a way that the surface in completely covered, avoiding with this that the soil is exposed to air.

This practice has been made during many years, but in the last decades it has been reinvented for garden landscaping since the textures and colors of the different kinds of mulch can give a totally distinct look to our garden.

You can cover the soil completely, being careful not to drown small plants with a very thick layer or pile the stems of woody plants.

Among other considerations that must be made for its adequate application are the following:

1. Preferably clean the ground of weeds before applying.

2. Place a layer of mulch with a maximum thickness of 10cm and scatter it well throughout the desired area.

3. If you’re going to cover trees, it’s best to leave the stems free.