18 Sep 2015

We offer our transportation service, both in the purchase of mulch or manure, when the quantities are over four cubic meters.

We can take the product to nearby locations to the company’s headquarters or is it were further away, we can help coordinate the product shipment, with an additional charge for the freight, to any area of Costa Rica you solicit.

18 Sep 2015

As the ideal complement for the maintenance of plantations or gardens, without artificial ingredients, we offer cattle dung, which is excellent to use as fertilizer or as a supplement to make organic fertilizer.

We produce it in:

  • 10 Gallon Sacks
  • 5 Gallon Sacks

Just like the mulch, if desired you can pick it up at our company, if not we can coordinate the shipment to where you need it.

18 Sep 2015

In addition, we offer our product in bulk, that is, by cubic meter.

Every cubic meter of mulch is enough to cover 10 square meters, with a thickness of 10 cm, the ideal padding in order for the product to cause the best effect in your gardens.

This option is very economical and advantageous when you want to buy a large amount of mulch. If desired, you can pick it up at our company, if not we can coordinate the transportation to where you need it.

08 Sep 2015

We offer our mulch in three bag presentations::

1 sack (20 Gallons)
½ sack (10 Gallons)
¼ sack (5 Gallons)

As we’ve mentioned, all measurements are made by volume, to avoid that due to heavier or lighter woods there are weigh-in errors.